Slot machine test: ACE

A game title as ACE there are a variety of ways, to what a game it could be. Maybe something to do with cards? That sounds while kite, but is false. Because the slot ACE is a scratch slot game. Here, so no roller turning, but only scratch free rubbed, so that you can immediately see whether and what you win. It is fast and amazingly fun. In the core ACE does not differ in this respect from other slots, where you also directly can see if you've won something? And a parallel is also that you need also at least three same fields, so that there is a profit. Winning amounts appear a 3 3 field x. Once you have at least three same fields, there are paid this sum to your credit account. And there is even gains up to €50,000, even if there is just a lot in the whole pot. Determine the chances, what are the chances you play friends in this Net Entertainment figure out can.

You want to take a first look, then you can also ACE play for free just to try. That is just like the game for real money in the CherryCasino. You want but real profits, then you must register once.

Play Ace online now!

ACE online game

To the slot machine ACE to play, really not much it needs. The game is very simple and yet wonderful opportunities. You'll here never win a million jackpot, but with a few thousandths you can certainly Not even live. A round will simply expire. You are buying you a Scratchcard. Then you get it, free to scratch it. For even three different items available, which however make no difference in the stand. Heading with the mouse you play on the lot that reveals then his nine fields.

On the fields of funds are registered, directly indicating what you can win. But so that you actually win one of them, this box must appear three times indeed. This ACE is not like bingo, the fields must be so not a series. It's enough if they somehow are distributed on the Los. There are amounts of money twice with three fields, you will be credited the profit of course for both. But not enough, because in addition there is including even a box with which you can scratch you a multiplier.

Slot game symbols in the ACE online slot

Of course, there are no icons in ACE. Instead, you can find here the bare numbers, directly indicating what you can win. The amounts range from €2 up to € 50,000. In the payout table, you can see very clearly what opportunities you have. The lowest amount is 190,000 times included, for example, as a field, thus there is the biggest opportunities. The higher the income, the lower the probability of occurrence. For a gain of € 10,000 or €50,000, there is only one among a million lots. But it is there. Profits can be increased even with the multiplier box.

Slot machines instructions by ACE

With the mouse to reveal the Los, is now no task that is not easy to learn. You'll do this so, especially if you are ever before been traveling in a slot machine Casino. But before it, decide whether you want to play so free, just for fun, or even to real money. For the latter, you must be logged in and have money in the account.

Conclusion to the ACE test

ACE is a Scratchcard game. Since there is no special bonus features time by the multiplier so apart. So what you will be not particularly surprised, you get exactly offered, the slot machine promises. And that's a good thing, because if you want to play such a game, then you're well served with ACE.